Why is a ‘VA’ the right choice for you?

A virtual assistant (VA) can play a key role in a real estate professional’s busy work day. Ask any REALTOR® who’s utilizing a VA, and they will tell you what a blessing he/she is. From handling the smallest of tasks to actively engaging in important work matters, virtual assistants can assist in a variety of ways.

“I questioned my need for a VA for several years until I found just the right match for me,” says Cheryl “CJ” Hamel of RE/MAX Realty Plus in Sebring, FL. “Now I don’t know how I have ever lived without her. She helps me with marketing and social networking and created and maintains my webpage and any other odd job I throw her way.”

Before we move any further, let’s describe the term “virtual assistant” for the sake of those who are not familiar. A virtual assistant is simply an independent contractor, who usually works from their own home office. She/he could work for a REALTOR® regularly or on a single project, and skills vary for each VA.

Thanks to the internet, working with someone from Ohio while you are in Florida is now a reality. So, having a VA can definitely help you be more productive, because it frees up a lot of the time you’re using now doing the more menial tasks of your job.  

Virtual Assistants based in the US can cost between $10-15/hour, if you’re going overseas, that may be as low as $5/hour. REO Virtual Assistance provides the best of both worlds! We’ve managed to average out our hourly rates to be affordable for you, while giving you top notch US based virtual assistance!


Let us introduce ourselves.

Let us introduce ourselves.

We are REO Virtual Assistance, LLC. We have been operating at a nationwide capacity for a short while now, providing real estate professionals all across the country with virtual administrative assistance and business services. We are more than a freelancing agency, we provide the all-inclusive package of experienced assistance and business services that allow you to flourish in today’s markets. Whether you are a real estate agent needing help with backend paperwork or an investors looking for marketing campaigns, we can help you! We cater to a ton of different divisions within the real estate industry, go ahead, check us out!